This week, Bring Up A Loupe targets quite different chronographs, out of a 1940s Longines 13ZN into an Omega Flightmaster replica watch using a tropical Mk1 dial. Talking of dials, you’ll also find this yellowish gold Datejust using a rare malachite dialup, and a fascinating Universal Genève Tri-Compax, even though its bezel seems problematic, to say the very least. And we have also discovered a full-set first Zenith El Primero benchmark G381, in yellow gold.

The Omega replica watches 13ZN is regarded as one the very beautiful chronograph moves ever created — we discussed its history and technological features in fantastic detail annually , together with the full lineage of the chronograph with flyback complication. Steel cases are obviously extremely enviable, and have a tendency to go mad on Ebay — just one instance climbed out of a $10 starting cost to a last bid of nearly $42,000. The one offered is much the same in fashion, as it had been created the previous year (in 1944) and its own dial is magnificent, save some hints on the mileage trail.

This component matches the vendor’s claim that the opinion was aimed in the U.S. marketplace — a European variant would utilize a kilometer-based scale — a fact also confirmed from the LXW import mark over the motion. Last, the movement amount appears to match with the supplied extract certification in Longines, dated from 1990.

Omega flightmaster bracelet imitation watchwas specifically intended for pilots (thus the name using a legible chronograph and an extremely observable 12-hour GMT hand at blue. The Mk1 variant presented here also supplies a green 12/24 hour index, while the subsequent reference 145.036 would replace it with a running moment (the motion designation changing from standard 910 to standard 911). The pushers and crowns have implemented tooth in their hints, with their colour matching the palms of the complications that they control — a wise take on creating its operation simpler.

Along with the beautiful tropical escape, the vendor cites a current provider, which guaranteed that the proper operation of the chronograph. The case is in fantastic condition, as its own elliptical form and brushing are nicely maintained (classic Omega flightmaster parts imitation watches are usually overpolished, but that is not true here). Using a 44mm diameter, it isn’t limited by any means, however the absence of lugs make it feel much less heavy on the wrist, although the caseback exhibits the appropriate engravings — in the stylized Douglas DC-8 into the”flightmaster” lineup in all lower case letters.