For 2012 Omega replica watches introduced a fresh 18k red gold edition of this Seamaster Planet Ocean three-hand and chronograph versions using a new kind of”Ceragold” bezel. Ceragold is more or less the golden edition ofLiquidmetal (I talked in much more detail here). It’s a particular procedure that Omega utilizes to inset gold from the engraved ceramic bezel. In a feeling, this is Omega’s response to Rolex’s Cerachrom.

Why is not it merely”golden Liquidmetal”? As it isn’t. The Liquidmetal procedure is quite like Ceragold, but utilizes another sort of metal. Ceragold really uses gold. In brief, the ceramic bezel is shaped and the numeral and indicator holes have been engraved in the ceramic bezel disc. Following a conductive coating is formed in the engraved area, layers of 18k red gold are employed using an”electroforming” procedure. Then, the surplus gold is polished off along with the Ceragold bezel is completed. Omega Seamaster replica watch details the Ceragold procedure fairly well here.

So as you can see, Ceragold is very similar to Liquidmetal, but maybe not the same. Additionally, it’s a trendy term. Every one of the watches I’ve photographed are 18k red gold black, but there are also white with golden versions out there. The gold and black versions are incredibly sexy though.

These watches will be the 45.5mm broad versions of this Seamaster PO. There’s the chronograph and three-hand variant available with all the Ceragold bezel — both seem pretty fantastic. Omega Ceragold Replica watches will also offer you the bigger three-hand Seamaster PO from the 42mm broad case together with all the Ceragold bezel. The watches feature in-house created Omega automatic motions. To learn more concerning the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean imitation watches visit my critique here.

Being golden versions these watches have the higher-end 8501 or even 9301 calibre moves. At the moment I really don’t think there’s a fitting 18k red gold necklace, but the watches do come on black alligator straps. Omega Seamaster professional imitation watches creates a damn strong crossover and nothing is missing here using all the 18k red gold variations of this Seamaster Planet Ocean Ceragold models. Rates are $22,500 for your 42mm PO, $25,000 for your own 45.5Millimeter PO, and $33,000 for its 45.5Millimeter PO Chronograph Ceragold versions.